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  • Aggressive new styling on the outside
  • Some attention to safety and comfort on the inside
  • Organic shell shape for superb energy management
  • New IC-4 upper intake vents seal more completely when closed
  • New ACR04 flow thru exhaust vent allows greater air flow when open and reduces drag when closed
  • FCS R (Facial Coutour Support) cheek pad design has 5mm peel away micro fit layer for greater personal fit
  • Cheek pads feature contoured shape, multiple density foam layer supported by a patented spring
  • Intermediate oval interior shape
  • New water repellant material along bottom edge
  • Pull down spoiler works with new flared bottom to increase helmet stability
  • Meets or exceeds D.O.T. and Snell 2010 standards
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    Vendor: Arai

    Type: Helmet

    SKU: TR 818973

    Diamond Black